The Joy of GARDEN Gardening

A garden, much like a garden itself, is a carefully planned space, typically out in the open, intended for the cultivation, show, and enjoyment of various types of flora and fauna. The single defining feature distinguishing the wildest garden from the most common garden is absolute control. The garden may include both artificial and natural materials. In actuality, a garden covers a broad range of locations. It may be situated on your parcel of land or may be just an area around your home, as with an arbor. Whether it is built for private enjoyment or for revenue earning purposes, there are some simple guidelines you should follow.


Rock gardens are an excellent way to provide the visual interest and aesthetic appreciation of rock in your landscaping. They are often the result of someone’s love of all things natural, whether that means a love of trees or mountain flowers or an appreciation of aquatic life. For this type of garden, the planting design should reflect this theme. Some rock garden designers go out of their way to make certain that their landscaping makes good use of all available resources to give the impression that all of the different plants are growing naturally in their particular environment. This is not always the case, so it is necessary to do some research to determine what resources exist in your area and to use them appropriately. One of the main purposes of the ornamental rocks is to define the areas where plants and ornaments will be planted to achieve an overall look and feel of natural balance and harmony.

For those who would prefer to create a garden that is strictly for ornamental purposes, a vegetable and herb garden is extremely popular. Vegetable gardens are very easy to maintain and are great for the health of your family. They do require slightly more work than most landscaping designs because of the specific requirements of vegetables. But if you have the proper landscaping design, such as planting beds that are planted with beds of pebbles or other mulch, as well as the use of the right materials and the correct amount of water, a vegetable garden can be a highly productive form of landscaping.

A water garden, on the other hand, requires more work than an ornamental garden because it is more intensively involved in the preparation and maintenance of its environment. The water garden has to account for factors like availability of water, the proximity to water source, the quality of the soil, the size and shape of the pond and various design specifications. A water garden requires constant attention to ensure that the water quality is always optimal. A well-designed water garden also provides a beautiful sight to its visitors.

An ornamental garden offers both visual interest as well as the opportunity to add a touch of natural earthiness to a kitchen garden. The advantages of this design over a kitchen garden include the ability to control how much attention your garden draws to your home, which may have a significant impact on the value of your property. Ornamental plants provide a focal point that complements and interacts beautifully with your home’s other features. They can range from basic, complimentary plants like daffodils and hyacinths, to more complex arrangements of annuals, perennials, shrubs and vines.

GARDEN and the culinary herbs you grow in it provide an excellent way to bring the science of herb gardening into your kitchen. If you are not an accomplished gardener, you will find that the information contained herein will help you develop an extensive collection of herbs and vegetables for your GARDEN. By following a simple procedure, you can easily begin developing a collection of herbs for your GARDEN. A few of the basic steps involved in herb gardening include selecting appropriate herbs for your garden, preparing the soil for planting, creating an appropriate planting bed, digging the garden bed and making regular cuttings. With a bit of practice, you will quickly discover that you are able to GARDEN more effectively and enjoy the benefits of having a more productive and attractive garden in your back yard.