Interior Design – An Exciting Profession

Interior Design is an art and science of improving the interior of a structure to create a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment for those using the room. An interior designer is a person who plans, studies, coordinates, and executes such interior improvement projects. Interior designers not only do things that make the room look better but also think of ways to make it work better for those who will be using it.


The history of interior design dates back about three thousand years to the ancient Egyptians. Some of the first examples of Egyptian interior designs can be seen in tomb murals found inside of tombs. In those times, the term “interior design” did not yet mean what it does today. The concept of designing a space was reserved for architects, the ones who actually did the work of designing and arranging rooms, buildings, and landscapes.

This was a time when architects were not so much concerned with making a space look nice; they were more concerned with making the best structures possible for their employers. For example, construction documents needed to show how the walls would support the roofs, floors, doors, windows, fireplaces, and other furniture. In those days, architects had to be careful not to waste wood by building the largest and strongest monuments they possibly could. They also had to be very precise with measurements, since errors in measurements could lead to gaps between the floor joists, walls, and ceilings. Thus, interior designers had to be skilled in mathematics and have a great deal of skill in making accurate drawings and measurements.

After the Egyptians, the Romans also developed architectural skills. Though they did not use the term “interior design” to describe their inventions, the Romans knew that they needed to improve the way their buildings and homes looked. In fact, the first true Roman home was built more than 2 thousand years ago, at the beginning of the Common Era. From the very beginning, Romans used an architect who was called mistaken. This person was responsible for drafting plans for buildings and homes and also for carrying out the construction work itself. Today, a career as an architect is very rewarding, as technology has made it possible to take an architect’s design and bring it into the twenty-first century.

A career as an architect is also interesting in that many architects are considered “thought leaders”. These are the people most likely to create new ideas and designs for homes and new construction, since they are usually involved with deciding what a client wants the end product to look like. Many times, these same architects will then take those concepts and translate them into various interior decoration styles, depending on what the client wants. As a result, an architect can have a very large influence over the overall look of a home or office, due to the fact that they are usually the only one who can speak with the architect enough to fully understand what his client wants.

An intriguing aspect of this profession is that while most professionals work for one specific firm, there is a wide variety of jobs available. This includes everything from building construction to interior design, as well as home decorating and furnishings. There are even designers who work solely for themselves, which makes for an interesting dichotomy in the field, since they are generally well known within their own industry but have no professional certification outside their own specialty. Overall, the interior design profession is a fun and exciting one that look at all the angles and consider all the possibilities.