Home Is Where The Heart Is – Are You Living In A Hotel?


Home Is Where The Heart Is – Are You Living In A Hotel?

A home, or domiciled, is an area used as a single or permanent residence for an individual, family or group. It typically is a fully furnished or semi-furnished room and will often have both the interior and exterior aspects of it designed and built by the homeowner. It may be owned by one person or several people. Although it is considered a house, it does not carry the same tax status as conventional homes.

The reason why I feel comfortable writing about this type of ownership is because it allows me to speak with my clients on a personal level. It gives you a unique and candid look at your own life and what makes you tick. You will also feel comfortable asking me questions because you know I won’t be judging you or embarrassing you because you are not there to feel comfortable in your home. It makes living room ownership more like talking about something fun and less like you are trapped inside of a dry basement.

For many people the reasons they choose to live in a home versus renting an apartment is that homes allow them to escape the rat race and focus on being a “people person”. For those that would rather not have to deal with society on a daily basis, buying a home allows them to enjoy the quiet and peace of mind that only owning a house can provide. In addition, living rooms are often staffed by maids or other household staff that provide a sense of relaxation and security.

Another reason why I feel comfortable writing about this form of ownership is because they allow you to escape the modern rat race and focus on the great outdoors. When we talk about modern rat races we are talking about crowded, dirty, smells, loud noises and a general lack of personal hygiene. On the other hand, when you are talking about homes in southern Africa and Botswana the focus is solely on the home, the kitchen table and the family as a whole. So it goes without saying that these homes offer far more personal space than apartments do, and you can soak up the beautiful sights and sounds of the area around you.

A third reason why I feel comfortable writing about this subject is because many people do not like the idea of sharing their homes with strangers. A lot of times people share houses with strangers that will steal their belongings, bug them and generally just make their life miserable. If you happen to be a homeless person, you know how undesirable it is. However, sharing a home with strangers can in reality be an opportunity for you to experience how to be a responsible citizen and make good choices.

The fact that homes in the third world countries are generally run down and in bad condition is what leads to people considering whether or not they should live in homes instead of hotels. Many people do live in hotels these days but the question remains whether or not this is a better alternative than sharing a small room with strangers. The answer to this question is probably not very surprising at all considering the circumstances surrounding the hotel and the quality of the facilities provided there. Home is where the heart is; and if the heart starts beating loudly then there is probably nothing wrong with calling it home.