2017 CCFSA Conference

Plan to attend the 2018 CCFSA National Conference.

It will be in Bowling Green, KY. April 15-18, 2018.

Hope Harbor – $70.00 for the 70th!

Hope Harbor Children’s Home Family Ministries is celebrating their 70th Anniversary this year. So as a personal project every month, in 2017 they are trying to find 70 people who will give a one-time donation of $70.00 to Hope Harbor – $70.00 for the 70th. If this is your first time to consider sharing in the ministry of Hope Harbor, check out their website, www.hopeharborinc.org and then send your gift , Claremore, OK 74018.
If you already give to Hope Harbor, just increase one of your monthly donations this year by $70.00. Be sure to put $70.00 for the 70th in the memo line. A large mural is being created that will include the names of all our $70.00 for the 70th friends. Thank you.

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