2017 CCFSA Conference

Plan to attend the 2018 CCFSA National Conference.

It will be in Bowling Green, KY. April 15-18, 2018.

Dr. Houston Davis and Agape Nashville

The following article was copied from the cover page of Agape in Action. It is worth reading!

On October 26th, I had the honor
of being installed officially as the
11th president in the 110-year
history of the University of Central
Arkansas. It was one of those
significant days in life when you are
offered a moment to meaningfully
reflect upon all those people and
groups that helped shape your
experiences and opportunities. As
someone who firmly believes that no person ever finds success based on their sole efforts,
my list of acknowledgments extended to family, friends, mentors, and colleagues that form
a constellation of positive influences in my life. It is safe to say that AGAPE was also central
to those reflections.
In April of 1973, through the blessing of adoption, Linda and James Davis brought me into
their lives and provided the love and assurance that set into motion every blessing in my
life. Four years later in March of 1977, AGAPE made it possible for my brother, Matt, to
complete the puzzle and define “family” in my life. Mom and Dad gave us a foundation of
values that added up to a road map to human decency. They taught us to respect others.
They gave us a steady, calming perspective on life to know how to conquer both failure and
its imposter sidekick, success. They taught us forgiveness both for others and personally.
And they taught us humility in our dealings with people but also to know humility in our
faith and to know it against a complex human condition.
My wife, Jenny, and I have three of our own children, Polly, Whitney, and Joshua, that are
approaching adulthood at 21, 18, and 15 years respectively. The love and support that our
children show for each other is rooted in the family nurturing and support that Jenny and I
experienced in our youth, and AGAPE formed a huge part of that foundation by modeling love and support through action. AGAPE’s goal of demonstrating Christ’s love through counseling and social services for
children and families is one of the greatest examples to me of living out a mission as opposed to merely espousing one.
Now as a university president, I am blessed to have a significant role in shaping opportunities for almost 12,000 students
annually through our university’s commitment to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity. Many personal mentors –
including outstanding past AGAPE leaders such as Tom Burton and Jesse Clayton – have shaped my leadership style and
inform the work that I do daily through their powerful influences. As I look to create conditions for our UCA students to
thrive and grow educationally and as young men and women, I hope to live up to the outstanding example set for me by
AGAPE and lead an entity that is as important and impactful in changing lives. Thank you to all in the AGAPE family for
the difference that you have made in the lives of me and many other children past and future.
God bless!

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